Guide to Portugal Windsurfing Holidays

Windsurfing in Portugal is is very popular due to its mild climate, consistent winds and some world class windsurfing conditions. Easily accessible from most of Europe Portugal is the perfect place for an inexpensive windsurfing getaway. Water temperatures in the winter drop to around 15°C so you will need a wetsuit and even in the summer it is recommended to bring at least a shortie.

Portugal Windsurf Wikimedia image by Montserrat Labiaga Ferrer-

For beginners or those who prefer flat water for speed or freestyle windsurfing then the Algarve in the South of Portugal offers the most protected conditions. Although still expect a 3-5 foot swell even in the summer although these can be avoided in protected areas such as the Alvor estuary.

If a Portugal windsurfing holiday has to include waves then the long Atlantic coast offers offers great conditions however there are plenty of wave riding available on the Algarve such as the world famous Tonel spot in Sagres although it is only suitable for experienced windsurfers. Sagres is located on the very tip of Portugal where the Atlantic ocean turns take a 90 degree turn towards the Mediterranean and offers both flat water and wave windsurfing.

Windsurfing isn’t confined to the Algarve though, and those seeking to escape the crowds should head to the northern Minho and Douro regions, although check weather forecasts first to avoid north-westerly winds. Cheap flights to Porto make this an ideal spot for a last minute Portugal windsurfing break. Windsurfing in the central areas including Lisbon is popular, although the resorts are often crowded in Summer months.


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    • AWE365 Team says

      Hi – Sorry for the delayed reply I only just saw your comment. Unfortunately I don’t know of any windsurf schools there (check out the surf schools though as some may do both).

  1. Eline says

    hey Frederico, bit late:) but maybe this will help as the weather just turns better!
    A bit above Ericeira and Peniche there is Lagoa de Obidos, there is a perfect place for windsurfing! also 2 schools:)

    in september and october there will be windsurfcamps aswell!

    mas a lagoa e muito bom!!:)


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