Guide to China Windsurfing Holidays

This is slightly embarrassing, as we have not written the China windsurfing page yet – sorry about that! However China is at number 111 in the most popular windsurf countries on Despite not writing this page yet there may well be windsurfing in China articles below so be sure to scroll down and check.

We do not intend to publish awful auto-generated content that pretends we know about windsurfing in China, instead we will only publish real information that is well researched or written by experts. Of course what you are reading is auto-generated but we are being honest about it so hopefully you will forgive us.

On each month we publish an average of 30 new pages. Our aim is to be a great resource for fellow windsurfers with useful information about windsurfing worldwide. If you a writer and a windsurfer and would like to write about windsurfing destinations like this China windsurf page then please send us a write up – if we like your style we may take you on as a paid writer.

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Cheap windsurfing holidays Wikimedia image by Francis CLERC

A selection of cheap windsurfing holidays that we like

There’s nothing we like better than getting away for a week or two, hitting the water and leaving the rest of our worries on the beach. Actually – that’s not quite true – there is one Read more »
La Gomera Windsurfing Wikimedia Commons image by Diego Delso

La Gomera

La Gomera is the Canary Islands’ best-kept secret. It is the second-smallest of the Canaries, and without an international airport, is unspoilt and undeveloped, a haven for everyone from hippie travellers to ramblers. It is also Read more »
Krabi Windsurfing Flickr image by Mark Fischer


Krabi is one of Thailand’s most popular and attractive beach destinations. And that’s saying something! Krabi offers more than just great beaches. Limestone cliffs, mangrove swamps and a quirky, friendly feel are all part of the Read more »
Spain Windsurf Flickr image by josé dopazo


Spain is perhaps the best country for windsurfing in Europe due to its Mediterranean climate, extensive coastline and reliable winds. On the mainland the most popular resort for windsurfing in Spain is Tarifa in Andalusia. Located Read more »
Ecuador Windsurfing Flickr image by texaus1


Ecuador’s tropical coastline and inland lakes offer plenty of opportunity for windsurfers to get out onto the water. Its gorgeous white sand beaches, incredible wildlife and colourful culture help seal the deal. Take an Ecuador windsurfing Read more »

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