Guide to China Windsurfing Holidays

This is slightly embarrassing, as we have not written the China windsurfing page yet – sorry about that! However China is at number 111 in the most popular windsurf countries on Despite not writing this page yet there may well be windsurfing in China articles below so be sure to scroll down and check.

We do not intend to publish awful auto-generated content that pretends we know about windsurfing in China, instead we will only publish real information that is well researched or written by experts. Of course what you are reading is auto-generated but we are being honest about it so hopefully you will forgive us.

On each month we publish an average of 30 new pages. Our aim is to be a great resource for fellow windsurfers with useful information about windsurfing worldwide. If you a writer and a windsurfer and would like to write about windsurfing destinations like this China windsurf page then please send us a write up – if we like your style we may take you on as a paid writer.

We would like to work closely with windsurf companies by posting blogs about windsurfing day trips and courses and of course about windsurfing holidays in China. Please get in touch if you own or work for a windsurfing company as I am sure we can work together to help promote your business either for free or through one of our paid options.


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This is slightly embarrassing, as we have not written the Pelion windsurfing page yet – sorry about that! What we can tell you is Pelion is in Greece and that it is 38 on most Read more »

Porto Heli

Lets start by being honest, we have not got around to writing this Porto Heli windsurfing page yet – sorry! However Porto Heli, Greece is at number 61 in the most popular windsurf destinations on Although Read more »
El Medano windsurfing spot guide flickr image by El Coleccionista de Instant

El Medano windsurfing spot guide by a local

El Medano is already a well-known name in the windsurfing community. So, just what is it about this small but growing fishing village that attracts thousands of windsurfers and kiteboarders from around the globe each year? Read more »
Canary Islands windsurfing holidays Wikimedia image by Eigen werk


Sotavento is a fantastic windsurfing destination on the island of Fuerteventura. Like the rest of the Canary Islands, it benefits from strong Atlantic Ocean winds and warm waters all year round. There are great windsurfing beaches Read more »
Where to visit on a Queensland windsurfing road trip flickr image by Texaus1

Where to visit on a Queensland windsurfing road trip

The second largest state in Australia, Queensland occupies the whole north-eastern section of the country. From Brisbane in the south-east corner of the state up to Cairns in the north-west part, the state’s coastline is pristine, Read more »

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